Give 'em the Axe! Book

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The Give 'em the Axe! - 150 Years of Wellington Football Club
A compelling read to any rugby fanatic.

Take a walk through 150years of WFC Axemen history 

Written by club President and leading rugby commentator Keith Quinn, the nearly 200-page book is not your typical dry club history.

Containing a photograph on almost every page the chapters are arranged by decades with profiles of all club All Blacks and Black Ferns included alongside stories of the many personalities and events to have enriched the clubs’ long and proud history.

The book was meant to be published earlier this year but was delayed because of the Coranavirus outbreak. A portion of the book even reflects on the match and weekend of March 7 when Nelson Rugby Football Club, celebrating the same milestone, traveled to Wellington and defeated the Axeman 32-21 in a one-off, highly entertaining fixture.

“The book has been a labour of love, but I’m very proud of it,” Quinn said.

“I was conscious of producing a book that was both eye-catching and substantial. Some club histories are pretty grim, but this book looks modern and has lots of stories to go with the essential facts. I’d like to thank the many people who’ve supported the project for over four years.”

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